Friday, March 19, 2010

#929. [PRE-BLOG] Run, Lola, run / Lola rennt (1998)

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"I wish I were a heartbeat that never come to rest"

Looking at the posts I've written so far, you could think that this is a Silent Films-only blog. Well today I am going to write about a more recent movie for a change: Run, Lola, run.

I have to say that I was born in the eighties so I am part of that so-called MTV generation. I grew up watching music video and playing videogames. This movie is mix of them. It could be regards as 90-minute music video because the music of the soundtrack never stops. Also, it could be regard as a videogame where you have to try things several times to make them work.

The story is about a young woman, Lola, who needs to collect 100.000 Marks in 20 minute to save her boyfriend's life. To do so, Lola has to run, and Lola runs, and everything runs also: the music, the editing, the script, even the viewer feels like running. All the technical aspect of the films are in perfect synchronization with the fast pace music.

The film made a impact and many aspect of the film were taken in posterior works -- like the real time concept in series like 24.

A very original movie that, sadly, we don't see very often in the mainstream.


  1. the Film is from Germany? Really?

  2. Thanks for your comment.

    Yes, the movie is German, although it does not look like any other European film as of late.

    It was also the movie that Franka POntente gained international recognition with. She would film The Bourne Identity short after.